I am passionate about helping you make the connections that allow you to think and act differently. My eclectic background enables me to draw on seemingly unconnected experiences to craft unique strategies with my clients. My skills in getting to the heart of problems and working with clients to craft clear solutions grew out of years of teaching (pre-school through grad school), counseling college students and women returning to the workforce, and training (trainers and line staff through executive managers). This experience set allows me to see common themes in life experiences, clarify wants and needs, and help my clients get the outcomes they want. 

I believe that the second half of your life should be just as exciting, engaging and challenging as the first half if not more! Arriving at midlife can be confounding. I know  through personal experience and the stories my friends tell  that cultural norms and expectations clashing against personal desires and experiences can create confusion, hesitation and self-doubt. I also know that whether you are planning your next move up the corporate ladder, organizing an exit strategy, creating your own business or finding time for travel and leisure pursuits, having expert help in crafting your plan will smooth your transition.

My 20 plus years of experience in education, counseling, coaching and executive training give me the skills to detect common life themes and design quick, practical plans customized for each client to deliver top results. My proven Life Blueprint process, guided or self-study turns decades of midlife and personal growth research, hundreds of self-help books and dozens of theories into clear, easy-to-understand systems designed to help you enjoy the life you struggled so hard to build.

I am an IAC Master Certified Coach and a Board Certified Coach with a doctorate in Adult Learning and Leadership, and Masters’ Degrees in Counseling and Educational Psychology.  My Women Living for Today and Tomorrow workshops were featured in The New York Times, and the teleclass series and e-book, Mapping Midlife: Sensational at Sixty have helped energize the lives of its participants.

I am a published author, with articles and book chapters on midlife, stress, transitions and transformative learning, including: Journaling and Coaching for Transformative Learning in Women’s Workshops in The Handbook of Transformative Learning in Practice. and Transformative Learning and Appreciative Inquiry: Incorporating Coaching and Action for Deep Organizational Change in International Journal for Coaching in Organizations.


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