Writer’s Block and Sunny Sundays

I now have 41 interviews completed for my book. Each is wonderful and inspiring. But the book? Well, that’s another story. It’s hiding and laughing at me. Each interview tells a wonderful story. I know that they all fit together in some incredible way. I know that there are messages here just waiting to be shared with the world. This particular Sunday, though, I just don’t know how.

And I’m feeling the pressure to have answers. And content. Immediately.

The sun is shining. I want to turn off my computer and go out to play. I tell myself that if I can just write for an hour or so I can go out. But wait – the house needs cleaning. Clothes need to get put away. Files need organizing. It’s time to rotate winter clothes away. There’s dust!

I wish I hadn’t had that second cup of coffee. My hands are shaking. Caffeine or fear? Both? It’s cold out. Sitting by the Bay is really not an option. But it still might be nice.


I know that if I can still my rambling mind, inspiration will come. How to get there, though? I think about V–, who has written many books, or the prolific S–. did they have Blocked Sundays? What did they do?

I come back to the two cards I pulled this morning. One was Consciousness. The message was that today I have the blessing of emptiness and that I ought not be trying so hard to fill it with clutter. The other was Sarasvati, Godess of Creativity. She urges me to dance. so, perhaps, with the 11 already-transcribed interviews as my companions, I shall head out into the Sunday sunshine. I will find a spot out of the direct sunlight (sorry iPad, but you do have some shortcomings) and some herbal tea.

I will hold fast to the notion that being blocked simply means that the ideas are mulling around in my head, not yet ready to be born, but nonetheless powerfully present. I will come back refreshed. And if inspiration strikes while I’m out, well, there’s always the wonderful voice feature.

I remember a friend whose pregnancy seemed to last forever. That baby just wasn’t ready to face the world until she was ready. At 40 – yes, she did finally emerge – she’s a pretty incredible woman. My cousin’s son, less than a year ago, was in no hurry either. And he’s already gorgeous and unstoppable. My book, too, will emerge when it’s ready. And it, too, will be unstoppable and incredible.

Off to the Bay.

5 responses to “Writer’s Block and Sunny Sundays

  1. Suzanne Murray

    All this wonderful intention and content you have. This book will get written! And it will be shared with those who need and want to read it… Keep going on this exciting journey!!!

  2. I’m back from a marvelous extended weekend of antiques, wonderful meals, walks with the dogs, seeing my Goddaughter and her kids and just relaxing with old friends in Kingston. Can’t wait to see what the renewed energy brings.

  3. Sharon Fender

    Alice makes a lot of sense. You’ve more than earned a rest……………….remember if a runner never rested he will
    never cross the finish line first or even close. Trust your brilliant inner knowing.

  4. Thank you, Alice.

  5. Alice Aspen March

    Your ‘MEMO’ to me, an interviewee, was so engaging, so relevant, so honest and so revealing…it’s as if you were only talking to me!!!
    Silence is golden, they say and, I believe, spaces in our lives are golden too…spaces that we create to give us thinking and wondering and dwelling time. Susan, You’ve talked with 41 actualized women over 50 — that’s a lot of’ content’ and experience you’ve listened to…

    I ask you to enjoy the Sunday spaces you’ve created to ponder all you’ve heard, all that’s been given to you attentively and with a great generosity of spirit, because that’s what you’ve brought to your project.
    I feel very lucky and grateful to have been invited.

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