Monthly Archives: June 2009

How Is Your Day Going?

funny pictures of cats with captions

Ambrose was having a bad day And he didn’t care who knew it.

Picture by: Taronga Zoo. Caption by: scarlettsmomcat via Our LOL Builder

How’s your day going? And what are you doing about it? Looks like Ambrose can get by with sulking, but perhaps this isn’t the most successful route for most of us.

Positive Psychology has been on my mind lately. How important is happiness? How important is a positive attitude? Can we choose to be happy?

Yes, we can chose happiness. We can reframe situations and select a more positive viewpoint. We can make choices based on what will make us happy. Ed Deiner, at a recent conference said that it is more important to like what we have than to get what we want. We seem to want things all the time. Sometimes, when we get them, they don’t seem to make us very happy. Deiner suggests making a list of overall factors that make us happy, then make choices based on that list.

Happy people have more friends, live longer, and are more productive. Don’t be an Ambrose.